03 April 2011

Permanent Black Publisher's Serious and Spoofy Views of Academic Publishing

For a change we're featuring not one of our authors, but our publisher, interviewed here by the Times of India. He discusses academic publishing in India, how he acquisitions books, what distinguishes academic publishing from other kinds of publishing, and so on. Read the interview to find what masala the hottest selling scholarly book might contain.

The distinct possibility exists that you'll need yawn-suppressant medication after ploughing through the above worthy interview. In which case, the publisher can offer you laughter medicine in the shape of two parodies he wrote on the art of writing Indian history.

These parodies on Indian history-writing have been universally condemned, making them compulsory reading for all who wish to be seen as well read, as well as for those who wish to understand how Indian history is now written. It is also meant as a career guide for budding historians in India, all of whom—like all Indians generally—wish to migrate to the USA in order to make a vast fortune there by perfecting the art of writing unhyphenated postcolonial criticaltheoretic marxistfeminist subalternstudies histoires of revolting peasants and other such texts that are believed to inhabit the thirdworld. Dollar $alaries for such historians are now upward of $ 100 million per annum, and rising—in proportion with the degree of incomprehensibility achieved. These parodies are the most lucid demonstration available of how to achieve that nirvanic state of academic bliss known as ‘the Incomprehensible Sublime in the Ivy League’.

Read the full parodies by clicking here.

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