PERMANENT BLACK was set up in 2000 and very quickly established a reputation as India's most prestigious academic imprint. We now have well over 300 books in print and have published the region's most eminent scholars (take a look at our complete catalogue).

Permanent Black also publishes 
general books under an imprint called BLACK KITE. See blog for more details.

Young scholars of promise are published in Permanent Black's
Opus I series.

We publish two other series:

The Indian Century (editors Ramachandra Guha and Sunil Khilnani).

Nature, Culture, Conservation (editors Mahesh Rangarajan and K. Ullas Karanth).

Books under the Permanent Black imprint are distributed by Orient BlackSwan (formerly called Orient Longman), India. A large number of these books are co-published with prominent university presses in Europe and the US.

BLACK KITE is an imprint of Permanent Black, and is published in collaboration with Hachette India.