18 January 2017

NETAJI: The Call of The Motherland


The Call of The Motherland (Volume 5):Writings and Speeches 1923–1929 

“We have been born in this world to fulfill a purpose – to preach a message”, reads the opening sentence of Subhas Chandra Bose’s 1923 essay The Dreams of Youth (Taruner Swapna). “One hundred and fifty years ago,” he wrote in The Call of the Motherland (Desher Dak) in December 1925, “it was the Bengalees who showed the foreigners the way to penetrate India. Now it is incumbent on the Bengalees of the twentieth century to expiate that sin.”

This volume brings together Subhas Chandra Bose’s prison essays and notes, speeches and articles between 1923 and 1928 as well as his early 1929 monograph Boycott of British Goods.

Paperback, Rs 495

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