06 June 2013

All Permanent Black Books now on Amazon

In addition to retail bookshops, the COMPLETE PERMANENT BLACK list has in India long been available from our associates and primary distributors Orient Blackswan: www.orientblackswan.com

And Orient Blackswan has made virtually every Permanent Black book available at
www.flipkart.com, www.scholarswithoutborders.com, www.vedambooks.com, www.manoharbooks.com, and many other e-sellers of Indian publications

Not all of the above, however, agree to ship books to customers outside India

So the arrival in India of www.amazon.in, which replicates the swift downloads and manoeuvring ease of its counterparts in the USA and UK, will we think greatly facilitate the global online buying of books published in India, including of course the entire Permanent Black list ----- which is visible if you visit www.amazon.in and type 'permanent black' in their search box

And they're available at Indian prices (not marked up to dollar prices, as in the US version of amazon), often with a good discount offer

And for a few days delivery is free 

Go ahead, try it out

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