18 March 2011

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Three Hundred Years of South Asian Ornithology
A Bibliography

Aasheesh Pittie


The history of South Asian ornithology spans three centuries and records over 1200 species of birds. This is the passionate work of hundreds of amateur and professional ornithologists. The popular as well as scientific documentation of this region’s avifauna is prodigious.
For the first time, this vast body of work is brought together here, in this detailed, meticulously researched, and annotated bibliography. Over 1700 books are listed, covering the ornithology of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tibet—a region encompassing the Oriental and Palaearctic realms. The bibliography embraces various types of work: from travelogues, field guides, species monographs, country handbooks, regional avifaunas, multi-volume ornithological works, and folios of art, to simple checklists. In addition, it provides brief glimpses into the lives of over 200 ornithologists. For comprehensive accessibility, it includes three indexes enabling readers to reach specific items of information with ease.

AASHEESH PITTIE is an amateur ornithologist, bibliophile, and bibliographer. He is interested in the history of South Asian ornithology, and has compiled a database of over 27,000 ornithological publications for the South Asian region. He has written several articles and papers on Indian birds, and edits the bi-monthly journal Indian Birds.

Aasheesh’s bibliography is an outstanding work of scholarship … a source of inspiration and a vital window to a wealth of knowledge.’ —Edward Dickinson, editor of The Howard and Moore Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World (2005)

Hardback / 868pp / Rs 795.00 / ISBN 81-7824-294-X / World rights / June 2010

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