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Thomas R Trautmann reviews Nayanjot Lahiri's ASHOKA IN ANCIENT INDIA

--> Nayanjot Lahiri. A shoka in A ncient India. R e vi ew e d b y Thomas R. T rautmann ( Uni v ersity of Michigan) Publish e d on H - A sia (Ma y 2016) Commission e d b y Sumit Guha A shoka is one of the most r emarkable figu r es of the ancient w orld.   W e a r e fortunate to ha v e a n e w biogra phy of him by the eminent historian and a r cha e ologist of ancient India P r ofessor Nayanjot Lahiri of, aptl y , the n e wly c r eat e d A shoka Uni v ersit y . P r ofessor Lahiri aim e d to write a biography of A shoka for a general audienc e , and in doing so to r eli e v e   the grind of an administra ti v e job at Delhi Uni v ersit y ,   whe r e   she then was.     She has succ ee d e d admirably at the first and, I take it f r om the ch e e r y g oo d natu r e e vident in the writing, at the s e c ond as w ell.   Issues of e vidence and in