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The ancient India historian Nayanjot Lahiri, author of several books published by Permanent Black -- including the unputdownable academic thriller Finding Forgotten Cities about how the Indus Civilization was discovered -- has just finished writing a biography , ASHOKA IN ANCIENT INDIA, which will appear in mid 2015. Needing a break from the Buddhist emperor, she went on a pilgrimage to the forgotten home of a Budd hist saint ... REMEMBERING AND FORGETTING Dharmanand Kosambi and Other Goan Saints Nayanjot Lahiri Sancoale seemed similar yet different from many of Goa’s villages. Spread across a couple of hills, its traditional houses near the edges of forested tracts were like those that grace rural landscapes elsewhere. Mercifully, because of its interior location, far from sand and surf, the strawberry pink and fluorescent yellow flats that have come up in many of the more accessible villages were missing. The house in Goa where Dharmanand Kosambi and his fam

On World Environment Day

On World Environment Day, pick up one of our fascinating, informative books. From the deeply scholarly look at ecology and culture to polemical works to the straightforwardly enjoyable, there is plenty to read on nature, culture and the environment. --> Vasant Saberwal and Mahesh Rangarajan (eds), Battles over Nature Mukul Sharma: Green and Saffron Mahesh Rangarajan, India’s Wildlife History Julie Hughes: Animal Kingdoms Ramachandra Guha, How Much Should a Person Consume? Ramachandra Guha,  Unquiet Woods    Mahesh Rangarajan and K. Sivaramakrishnan (eds): India's Wildlife History ( 2 volumes) Valmik Thapar (ed.), Saving Wild Tigers 1900–2000 Dhriti K. Lahiri Choudhury: A Trunk Full  of Tales Zai Whitaker, Sálim Ali for Schools Aasheesh Pittie: Birds in Books Gunnel Cederlöf and K. Sivaramakrishnan (eds), EcologicalNationalisms EHA (E.H. Aitken), Zoo in the Garden Salim Ali, A Bird’s Eye View (2 v