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To the Miffed Chandak Sengoopta

Given that he is a scholar, we are surprised Dr Chandak Sengoopta did not do some basic research before shooting off his mouth. In a Facebook post today he accuses Permanent Black thus: "I am all for focusing on quality rather than quantity, but this ain't it. How many young scholars have had their first, influential book published by Permanent Black? I can think of one or two, but no more than that... Overall, however, Advani has devoted himself to publishing the work of his cronies and mentors, ignoring new, adventurous scholarship".  He also claims that Ramachandra Guha, in his article on scholarly publishing in India " overpraises Permanent Black, a publisher obsessed almost exclusively with academic stars..."  We are pleased to provide below a (not exhaustive) list of forty-one authors and their first books published by Permanent Black. All of them are stars in our eyes; many went on to publish successful books with other presses or wi

And Now We Are Twenty!

Against all rational projections and logical expectations, this little press in the mountains turns twenty today.  So far we have published 330 hardbacks and 170 paperbacks. We have in our catalogue hugely respected, established authors as well as new, brilliant writers.  Will we survive present conditions? Who knows? But with you -- our readers -- around, we think we will. Thank you for reading our books, sharing our books, citing our books.