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Stages of Life Indian Theatre Autobiographies     KATHRYN HANSEN “These four autobiographies of artists and writers who shaped early Indian theatre during its most creative period are as riveting as the fare that the theatre itself provided. Kathryn Hansen’s lifelong and perceptive involvement with that rumbustious enterprise infuses every word of her translation of these texts.” —Girish Karnad By the end of the nineteenth century, Western-style playhouses were found in every Indian city.  Professional drama troupes held crowds spellbound with their spectacular productions.   From this colorful world of entertainment come the autobiographies in this book.   The life-stories of a quartet of early Indian actors and poet-playwrights are here translated into English for the first time. The most famous, Jayshankar Sundari, was a female impersonator of the highest order. Fida Husain Narsi also played women's parts, until gaining great fame for his role as a Hindu saint. Two