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“IN INDIA, COPYRIGHT MEANS THE RIGHT TO COPY!” Nasreen Munni Kabir (author of Guru Dutt ) ( Scroll down this post for responses from Nandini Sundar and Partha Chatterjee ) Nandini Sundar, a friend in the Delhi teaching community, voiced a strong feeling in many of her colleagues when she stressed how important it is for teachers to be allowed to use photocopying shops. Her perspective, outlined in the context of a court case against one such shop at the Delhi School of Economics, is roughly this: Nandini Sundar Yesterday (18 October 2012), OUP, CUP, and Routledge, who had filed a case against the Delhi School of Economics photocopying shop for making course packs, won in the high court. So now no more course packs.    This will make it impossible to teach—since a lot of my teaching (as also that of others) depends on new books I buy from abroad, or out of print books, which simply aren't available in India. Most publishers’ perspective on the matter i