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I AM THE PEOPLE: A truly global account of populist and popular sovereignty

Winner of the 2021 Columbia University Press Distinguished Book Award LISTEN TO A DISCUSSION WITH THE AUTHOR HERE   " I am the People is an innovative, theoretically rich engagement with populism"  Zaad Mahmood in Telegraph "lucid, provocative and insightful. Balmurli Natrajan, Wire “In these masterful lectures, Chatterjee provides a truly global account of the logics of populist and popular sovereignty in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Drawing on the example of modern Indian capitalism and governmental techniques, Chatterjee shows that the career of the ‘people’ and populism in India enables a richer, deeper, and more complex account of populist politics than is the norm in current debates in Euro-America. ” Thomas Blom Hansen, Stanford University “Partha Chatterjee’s scintillating intervention is essential reading for a global constituency that is being encouraged, by journalists and polemicists alike, to understand populism,