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 A PS to our 2013 post on  ROMILA THAPAR'S MAGNUM OPUS 1 September 2019 " The Jawaharlal Nehru University administration has asked historian Romila Thapar to submit her curriculum vitae so that it can decide if she should continue as professor emerita, The Telegraph reported on Sunday. Thapar had retired from the university in 1991 and was made professor emerita two years later. An emeritus position is an honour conferred by the university on a retired professor in appreciation of their past work. Once chosen, an academic typically continues in the post throughout, unidentified JNU faculty members told The Telegraph. The university’s website already has Thapar’s CV, though seemingly an earlier version. “It is a very unfortunate thing,” Thapar told Anandabazar. “We are going through a strange time. Emeritus is not a mere designation. It is an honour related to the university’s goodwill.” Writing in Economic and Political Weekly , economist Prabhat Pa